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Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle with Low Profile Antenna

Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle with Low Profile Antenna
Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle with Low Profile Antenna

Product Added : January 27th, 2013
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Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle with Low Profile Antenna

Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle with Low Profile Antenna

The Wilson Mobile Wireless three Watt Cellular Amplifier has been very carefully engineered to substantially boost the overall performance of your cell phone or wireless information card in mobile applications for any U.S. Cellular Provider (Except iDEN/Nextel). Together with an outdoors Antenna, the Amplifier’s State-of-the-art technologies is developed to increase your cellular signal up to 10 times, lessen disconnects and dropouts and improve data communication prices necessary for 3G technologies. This unit supplies a wireless communication to any cell telephone and/or data card inside the car and will operate for several cell phones or data cards simultaneously. The Dual Band Mobile Wireless 824-894/1850-1990 MHz Smart Technology Amplifier kit comes with every little thing you need, including a 12-Inch Magnet mount antenna our three Watt Amplifier, internal antenna, & cigarette lighter power supply. Contact Wilson’s completely staffed Tech Department for questions or assist at 866-294-1660.

Increase your cell phone’s signal by up to 25 occasions with the Wilson Cell Telephone Signal Booster Kit. Designed for use in your auto, truck, RV, or boat, the booster kit significantly improves your cell phone’s overall performance and signal strength. You’ll encounter fewer dropped calls, faster data rates, and clearer reception. Also, the booster is powerful enough to enhance the cellular signal on many phones and information devices simultaneously.

Wilson Electronics 801212 Cell Telephone Signal Booster Kit

Wilson MobilePro
Everything you need to have for greater reception is included in the box. View bigger.
It is All About Power

The primary cause of dropped calls is low signal output power from the cell telephone to the cell tower, which limits the phone’s ability to communicate with the tower. A typical cell telephone offers merely 1-fifth of a watt of output power. To address this dilemma, the amplifier offers up to an impressive three watts of output power. In addition to the power enhance from the amplifier, the included magnet mount antenna will increase the phone’s output power yet another ten instances. Used in combination, your phone will get up to 25 occasions far more power over employing the phone alone.

Get pleasure from Premium Reception and Fewer Dropped Calls

Using state-of-the-art technology, the Wilson Booster Kit strengthens your cell phone reception and guarantees premium coverage, even when you’re traveling in remote locations exactly where only a weak signal is accessible.

The booster kit comes with every thing you need to have for installation, like a large-gain 12-inch magnet-mount antenna that attaches easily to the roof of your automobile. The antenna is connected by way of cable to the amplifier, which is housed in a compact metal case that fits neatly beneath your passenger seat. Also integrated with the kit is a low profile interior antenna that enables for discreet installation.

Wilson MobilePro
Setting up the MobilePro requires just a couple of minutes. View larger.

When installed, the booster kit will amplify the wireless signals of several cell phones and data cards inside the automobile, allowing passengers to enjoy superb reception and data connection simultaneously. You are going to experience fewer dropped calls, clearer call good quality, and enhanced information prices–even with 3G technologies. Most importantly, your cell phone’s range will increase substantially, permitting you to make calls from remote areas.

Compatible with Most Cell Telephone Models and Providers

The Wilson Booster Kit is compatible with all US and Canadian cellular providers, excluding iDEN / Nextel / MIKE. This kit also supports CDMA, TDMA, GSM and AMPS cell telephone technologies, as well as information protocols such as GPRS, 1xRTT, HSDPA, EVDO and EDGE.

The use of radio distribution equipment that enhances, extends or amplifies a wireless signal might be prohibited with out the consent of the wireless carrier upon whose network such gear will be utilized. You need to consult with your carrier before acquiring such equipment to use with that carrier’s service.

The Wilson Booster Kit includes a 30-day funds-back assure and is backed by a a single-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Frequency: 824-894 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz
  • Acquire: 40dB / 42dB
  • Max Output Power: 3 watts
  • Max RF (downlink): +10dBm
  • Noise Figure: 3.5dB nominal
  • Flatness: +/-3dB / +/-4dB
  • Isolation: > 90dB
  • Power Specifications: 6V, 3 A max
  • Connectors: FME-Male 50 ohms
  • Dimensions: four.5 x three.5 x 1.25 inches
  • Weight: 1.five lbs
What’s in the Box

Amplifier, outdoors magnet-mount antenna, low profile antenna, cigarette lighter DC power supply, and installation guide.

Cell Telephone Signal Booster Kit

At a glance:
  • Improve your cell phone signal by up to 25 instances in your automobile, RV or boat

  • Plug & Play Kit–simple installation every thing you need to have is in the box
  • Increase cellular signal and information rates for multiple phones and data cards
  • Operates with 800/1,900 MHz frequencies for all US and Canadian carriers (except iDen/Nextel/MIKE)
  • 30-day income-back guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
Wilson MobilePro
Stay connected even in issue areas with restricted cell phone coverage. View larger.
  • Drastically extends cellular signal range for both voice and information
  • Makes it possible for many phones and data cards to be utilised simultaneously
  • Supports CDMA, TDMA, GSM & AMPS, in addition to 3G data protocols such as HSDPA, EVDO & EDGE
  • Up to three-watts maximum output power
  • Plug-and-play kit ? Everything you require is in the box!
  • Power Handle Logic Ensures Maximum Output Power Is Within Ce

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What customers say about Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle with Low Profile Antenna?

  1. 55 of 55 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Worth the money if your cell phone if a business tool., November 13, 2011
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle with Low Profile Antenna (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    My job requires me to travel between PA, NY, CT, MA, NH & ME almost weekly. The ability to talk to clients while traveling is essential in my line of work. Pulling over at a rest stop to ‘hold’ a call is often not an option and a HUGE waste of time!

    Now that I have +3,000 road miles and countless conversations using this device, I thought I would write a review for others ‘considering’ this setup. Also worth mentioning, I average between 2,500 – 3,500 cell minutes per month to give you some idea how much I use a cell phone throughout the states I mentioned.

    The benefits of this device are amazing yet obvious so I won’t bore you with my praises. Rather, I thought I would provide a highlight of cell network problems you will likely continue to experience with the Wilson repeater. I suspect one or more of the items I mentioned below is the primary culprit behind a few of the negative reviews this device.

    - This device is a “signal booster”. It will do an excellent job in areas of very weak signal. However it cannot reproduce signal where none exists.

    - Distance between your phone and the Wilson internal antenna has a direct impact on signal strength and performance. Ideally, your phone should remain within 6″ (12″ max) of the internal antenna for best performance in weak areas. The manufacturer states 24″ but this distance will not yield the best performance in weak areas. If you live in a “Hands Free” state, it’s likely your phone already has a home in the center console. Mount the Wilson antenna as close as possible to this area. If you hold a phone in a traditional manner, mount the antenna on the side of the headrest. Either location should place the antenna within distances I recommended.

    – An active call on a 3G network cell tower will not pass a call to an older ‘EDGE’ cell tower. The same is true vise versa. The Wilson repeater ‘may’ lessen this effect simply because the amplification is strong enough to reach the next available 3G cell tower. If not, your call will be dropped. I have ATT but assume the same is true for Verizon and Sprint 3G networks.

    - Roaming Networks & State Lines. Most of us experience areas where a call is dropped every time for no apparent reason. Often times this is because you have traveled into a partner/roaming network. Certain towers/providers are not setup to hand off active calls between networks. Again, the Wilson repeater cannot correct an infrastructure issue.

    - This device, like any amplifier consumes power. It will drain your battery. Plug the amp into a 12v power outlet switched with the key (ignition).

    Overall, I am delighted with this device and would buy one again in a heartbeat.

    TIP 1: For people with two cars but cannot afford to purchase two repeaters: Buy a second set of antennas and power supply. I move the amp from my car to truck in less than 5 minutes (no tools).

    Tip 2: Dirt will eventually work its way under the magnetic antenna base and scratch your paint. Adhere a small piece of clear tape to the car to keep this from happening. I cut mine in a slightly larger circle and you can hardly tell it’s there.

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  2. 65 of 68 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Best out there!!!, November 24, 2009
    This review is from: Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle with Low Profile Antenna (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    My job requires me to travel throughout most of the southest and there are ALOT of areas with little to no cellular coverage. Since my vehicle is my office I also need my Cellular Aircard to work for internet purposes and to connect to our company database. I carry a company phone(Verizon Blackberry) and my personal phone(at&t iPhone) incase one doesn’t work hopefully the other one will. My wife finally got tired of our conversations getting dropped and me complaining so much that she ordered a Cellular Amplifier from another online vendor(not a Wilson). I didn’t even know these things existed until she suprised me one weekend when I came home. Man was I excited…..so I took everything out of the package and began reading the instructions to learn about how this unit operated and how it should be installed. I have somewhat of a 12volt background and am quite skilled in car audio installation and knew installation was going to be a breeze…..but for those that are not aware most of these units actually just plug into the car 12v outlet for power and you just plug in the outside antenna and the inside antenna to the amp and your done…but with my background I wanted it to be more permanant. Before I decided to mount everything I decided to use it the next week and make sure everything worked properly. BOY WAS I GLAD I DID!! This unit made it look like it I had full bars all over but as my week went on I noticed the dropped calls didn’t go away and actually they seemed to be worse. Once home that next weekend I started my research about the different amplifiers on the market and I visited many of the different companies websites. That’s when I came across the Wilson 801201. Having remembered Wilson from the CB days as the best CB Antenna Manufacturer out there I figured their quality would trickle down to their other products. I luckily was able to return the other brand amp and once that was handled I called Wilson Electronics and talked to their tech support to get their recomendations. I explained to them what problems I was having and they recommended what I needed. So once we got the Wilson kit in and I opened the box I could see the quality difference just in the product itself. Again I decided to use it for the next week before I fully installed everything. I was pleasantly suprised during my 1st day that my drop call problem was almost non-existant. Not only did both my phones show more bars my aircard actually worked in places its never worked before and at faster speeds. I didn’t realize it would help my download speeds but it does. I might have had 1 or 2 dropped calls over the last 2 months but thats nothing compared to 10 a day like before. This amp has greatly exceeded my expectations and I tell everyone about it. I’m proof that there are others out there but when it comes to the best nothing competes with a Wilson amp.

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