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Netgear RT311 DSL/Cable Internet Gateway Router

Netgear RT311 DSL/Cable Internet Gateway Router
Netgear RT311 DSL/Cable Internet Gateway Router

Product Added : February 5th, 2013
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Netgear RT311 DSL/Cable Net Gateway Router

Netgear RT311 DSL/Cable Internet Gateway Router

Netgear Gateway Router – 1 x 10/100Base-TX LAN, 1 x 10Base-T WANNetgear’s RT311 Net access gateway router makes it possible for up to 32 users safe admission to the World wide web from a single ISP (World wide web service provider) account. It performs in conjunction with DSL or cable modems for higher-speed Net access.

Compatible with 10/100 Mbps networks, the Netgear RT311 establishes a firewall that prevents hackers and unauthorized users from interfering in your company. NAT protocols hide the nearby IP addresses from outdoors Net customers. Port forwarding and customizable filters allow only authorized customers to acquire access to your site and files.

The Netgear RT311 is compatible with Net conferencing, RealAudio, RealVideo, and most chat programs. FirstGear, a Windows-primarily based configuration tool, enables easy installation. All the essential cables are integrated, as is a setup guide.

Netgear provides a 5-year warranty on components and labor.

  • Ethernet router permits 32 users to share a single Net connection
  • Supports TCP/IP, RIP-1, DHCP, and NAT protocols
  • Firewall protection keeps hackers out of your organization
  • FirstGear wizard gives fast installation
  • Compatible with Web conferencing, RealAudio, RealVideo, ICQ, and most multiplayer games

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www.ShowMeHowToDoThis.com Using a wireless router and a cordless phone? Did you know that a two.437 GhZ phone will interfere with a common Wireless G connection? If your Web cuts out when you are on your cordless phone, you will learn how to repair it. http
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Question by Johnny: I get kicked off my wireless web each and every time I am on or my neighbor is on their transportable phone?
I get kicked off my wireless internet every time I’m on or my neighbor is on their portable telephone.

My wireless world wide web is from Linksys, I could not find considerably data on why this occurs, but I’m receiving tired of it.

I naturally cannot ask my neighbor not to use her phone.

Is there a way to fix this or a wireless web router I can purchase that is not interfered by wireless phones?

Greatest answer:

Answer by Darren
Wireless networks use the two.four – 2.5 GHz frequency band as do portable phones, microwaves, auto alarms and lots of other devices.

Fortunately you have got a operate around and that is to adjust your wireless channel.

Log into your wireless router settings and go into the WIRELESS section of your router. You should see a drop down box with a CHANNEL field, number 1 to 12.

Adjust your channel by about 4 or 5 channel areas and then save the settings.

You do not require to make any adjustments on your laptop or personal computer, they will automatically adjust to seek the new channel.


It might take trial and error to get the appropriate channel that doesn’t get impacted by your neigbours cordless telephone but you need to be in a position to do it as the band itself is quite wide.

The technique makes use of varies based on what router you are making use of so seek the advice of your router documentation if you never find it. It will be there somewhere in the router settings.

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What customers say about Netgear RT311 DSL/Cable Internet Gateway Router?

  1. 38 of 39 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A great broadband sharing solution for SOHO, July 2, 2000
    By A Customer
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Netgear RT311 DSL/Cable Internet Gateway Router (Personal Computers)

    The RT311 is a simple, easy-to-install solution for sharing a broadband Internet connection for small office / home office (SOHO) users. It’s about as close to plug and play as you’re likely to get.

    Most situations can be covered with the Windows-based installation tool. You’ll need all the pertinent info from your provider (IP address, gateway address, DNS address, netmask, etc.), but with this in-hand, the graphical installer makes it easy.

    More advanced needs, and people who frequently play online multi-user games, will need more expertise to use the RT311. Advanced configurations can only be made by telnetting to the box itself, or by connecting a serial cable and using a terminal program. This won’t be an easy task for average users, and while the manual is well-written and thorough, it can’t (and doesn’t) train newbies on the basics; some level of skill is assumed.

    Its “firewall” security is centered around NAT (network address translation), which does afford some level of security for your network. (It’s also what makes connection sharing work.) In short, private IP addresses are assigned to PCs on your network, and the RT311 remaps connections to a single public IP address assigned by your provider. In this way, your PC is not directly accessible from the outside world, since by default, unsolicited incoming TCP/IP connections are denied access to the network. That’s fine, but for real security, look to a SonicWall or something more advanced. The RT311 won’t likely do much for certain types of hacker attacks, like Denial of Service (DoS), “ping of death,” IP spoofing, and the like, which some more sophisticated solutions do address.

    NAT also causes problems for some applications. For example, IRC will be tough to use, because most IRC servers require IDENT, and IDENT requests won’t pass through the device to your desktop. Dialpad.com, Napster uploads to other users, and a variety of other applications will not work in the RT311′s default configuration. You’ll need to configure “SUA” for this (i.e., port remapping), but again, that requires telnet or a terminal program, and non-technical users will likely find this a challenge (at least at first).

    In addition, your port remapping capabilities are limited. You have your choice of remapping everything to a particular machine on the network (not a good idea, and defeats all firewall security, so use it temporarily and sparingly), or mapping selected ports by number. But you can configure a maximum of only six (6) of those, which may not be enough for power users or networks with many users and applications. (The D-Link and Linksys solutions that compete with the RT311 offer just slightly more flexibility here.)

    Using a hardware solution like the RT311 is, in my experience, far better and more reliable than software-based solutions like WinProxy. (But of course, WinProxy offers web caching, content filtering, and other features that the RT311 and its competitors do not. But I favor the reliability of a dedicated piece of hardware to loading down my PC with yet another task.)

    Otherwise, the unit does as advertised. It’s economical, well supported, well warranted, and well built. Its manual, which is supplied electronically, is as good as they come. And most everything you’ll need is in the box (including the basic required cables).

    One final note: Be aware that this is a real, Ethernet-based solution. You’ll need a 10-Base-T or 100-Base-T local area network (LAN), including hubs or switches as needed, and your DSL or cable modem will also need 10-Base-T Ethernet for hook-up. (This box is not really the right choice for sharing dial-up or ISDN connections.)

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  2. 61 of 66 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Netgear RT311 – Easy setup and solid performance, May 14, 2000
    By A Customer
    This review is from: Netgear RT311 DSL/Cable Internet Gateway Router (Personal Computers)

    We just got a cable modem for hour home one week ago. Our PCs were already connected together using a hub in a simple peer-to-peer network. Getting them all on the net using the cable modem was the next step. The Netgear RT311 did so very easily. It came with everything that was needed and the FirstGear software was easy to use. One cable went to the modem, another to the hub, then the software configured the router. The manual (on the CD) explained how to get the little bit of information that the router need. I was able to configure it and our little network in less than an hour with no calls to customer support.

    It allows up to 32 PCs to share either a cable or DSL modem and use just one IP address. It also provides firewall support to help keep netizens out of your PC which is supposed to work better than the software-only firewalls. For those who need to change the default configuration of the router can do so either by telnetting into it or through the serial port.

    It looks rock solid since it has a metal case. It comes with a five-year warranty and 24/7 support. Ours has been in use for less than a day but it was easy to set up and so far the performance is excellent.

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  3. oh ok cheers i will try it out thanks

  4. Your router may have a different way of accessing the admin panel for it. I’d Google NetGear admin access or something similar and see if you can get to the wireless router that way. Hope you figure out how to stop interference.

  5. the ip address just keeps coming up as “cant display webpage” i have a net gear router

  6. YouTube video won’t load or the IP address in the video won’t load? Do you have a Linksys router?

  7. it wont let me load it please help

  8. That’s kind of funny. Were you able to get it fixed and stop your wireless internet and phone from interfering with each other?

  9. on some linksys router there is no user name just an “admin” password

  10. Happy to help!

  11. great video really helpfull thanks amigo <3

  12. Glad it worked for you!



  14. Look on the front or bottom of the phone. :)

  15. how can i know if my phone is a 2.437 GhZ

  16. is a local address… so is That means that it only accesses (should anyway) your local router. If you’re using a router from your provider (i.e. AT&T), chances are good that you won’t even get to this web address at all, because there’s nothing sitting at or in your network.

  17. I was wanting to try this, but isn’t the Website seems similar to a ip adress? I’m a bit weary from trying this, as I know there is a few Phishing Sites, So I do not know if I should try this.

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