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LG enV2 VX-9100 Black QWERTY Cell Phone for Verizon Wireless

LG enV2 VX-9100 Black QWERTY Cell Phone for Verizon Wireless
LG enV2 VX-9100 Black QWERTY Cell Phone for Verizon Wireless

Product Added : January 31st, 2013
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LG enV2 VX-9100 Black QWERTY Cell Phone for Verizon Wireless

LG enV2 VX-9100 Black QWERTY Cell Phone for Verizon Wireless

LG enV2 VX-9100 phone ready for activation on the Verizon Wireless network contract free. Includes a battery and wall charger. The LG enV2 is one of the best phones for text messaging. A full QWERTY keypad, large QVGA display and fast EVDO data makes it the ideal text messaging phone. This phone also comes with a 2 megapixel camera, a MP3 player, Bluetooth compatibility, MMS and SMS messaging, and microSD slot. The enV2 has a great responsive keypad, it is easy to use and has great sound quality. This device has been extensively audited and is certified to be 100% functional. The following tests and operations were performed on this device: call tested; all data removed; keypad tested; mic tested; speaker tested; charge port tested; ear piece tested; cleaned & disinfected.

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Verizon Wireless LG VX10000 Voyager Cell Phone Review/Look

My Video Review/Look at a Verizon Wireless LG VX10000 Voyager Cell Phone Simple Details: – Reasonable size Touch Screen – Full QWERTY Keyboard – Internal LCD Screen – Bluetooth – Micro SD Card Slot – 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera – Stereo Camera – V Cast Music, Videos & Media – Mobile TV Antenna I pretty much bought this phone from a friend so I don’t have the original accessories. It a pretty decent phone. Of course compared now to the new iPhones’, Androids or regular touch screen phones this seems to be very old. The one I have has a problem where it will sometimes shut down. There is new Firmware I believe Version 12 or 13 has come out which pretty much fixes or patches problems. It can be done personally or through Verizon stores but I am unsure if they still would do it now. Well if you got any questions or comments please let me know. Thanks For Viewing!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

What customers say about LG enV2 VX-9100 Black QWERTY Cell Phone for Verizon Wireless?

  1. 22 of 25 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Mr., February 1, 2011
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LG enV2 VX-9100 Black QWERTY Cell Phone for Verizon Wireless (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I ORDERED 3 OF THE LG enV2 VX-9100. two out of the 3 have problems. One was bought as a future spare phone. To be used at a later date. After setting up 2 phones to use I found One would not shift when I texted people. So I switched That new phone’s information to the spare phone I purchased. So I am outone phone already. The second phone that I had originally set up I found that it will not go to contact names that I try and get to. I have to scroll down to get to what ever name I need to call or text. Now that I am over my 30 day sellers warrenty I can’t send them back. Ship date on the mailing envelope is 1/26/2011. Phones were ordered on 12/31/2010. At this point with very little time to set up and try out before warrenty was up. I am not happy with 2 out of three phones not working. These phones were also set up at a Verizon store.

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  2. 39 of 47 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Defective Merchandise/Absolutely Horrendous Service, February 9, 2011
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LG enV2 VX-9100 Black QWERTY Cell Phone for Verizon Wireless (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I received absolutely horrendous service from OEM Shop in Brooklyn, NY; a seller on the Amazoncom website. For several days, I left phone messages and sent emails to this seller. Finally I received an email back with an RMA# to return my item. I originally purchased the EnV2 LG cellphone that was described as refurbished MINT Condition. When I received the phone and contacted Verizon Wireless to activate the unit, the MEIN had been previously assigned to another account since 2009…and it was associated with a Samsung Reality. I called Verizon’s technical support dept; then I stopped in at a Verizon location. No one could help me since the phone was already assigned to someone else. I then emailed OEM Shop again and requested a call back from a manager. Still to this day (2 weeks later), no one from OEM shop has called me back. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED!

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  3. Hi, sorry but I sold this phone a while after I made this video so it’s been a while back. I can only suggest looking online to find a new battery or a complete set of accessories for the phone. I haven’t seen too much of these on sites like Craigslist but I believe Ebay would be a good place to look. Hope it helps!

  4. hey buddy..how r u..where r u from..I am in need of a battery for this phone..I have the same one but the battery got to hot & need a battery so I can download everything off it..I would like to buy everything off u..having trouble finding one..can u please give me suome info..please….Thank You..=:)

  5. Haha Yepp!

  6. ooooooh well thats good lol

  7. Yep it has pretty much changed for the better & the worse. I guess it’s going to be even more worse as more and more new Apps & social networking sites come out even though there are so many already. Haha Voice is probably going to be canceled too, everything in text!

  8. Honestly tho, I think texting, facebook, twitter etc… have destroy the way humans suppose to communicate with each and thats by voice or face to face communication. I love the new world we in with all this technology and stuff, we have definitely came a long way… but I also hate it. All communication is mostly done through characters now. Its quite sad! Me and my last girlfriend broke up through text messaging following a text message-anchored argument. Crazy!

  9. Nice! Haha I wonder what would happen if I walked into school one day talking on a Startac or a Bag Phone. I guess some people would be speechless or think I’m crazy haha. Haha yeah either text or something that has to do with text haha they’re on it!

  10. When I was in 5th grade I had Ameritech and this phone called a Startac (Motorola), it was my first phone ever and the most expensive one out at the time. Ameritech Wireless changed into Verizon lol, Then my mom switch companies and we was on Cellular One, then Cingular, moved to Canada again then Rogers, then back to Chi then AT&T, then Cingular bought AT&T, then Sprint, then Voicestream, then Nextel, then… yeah, you get the point haha. I think girls in HS these days text too much

  11. Haha yeah all you pretty much see now is people with their faces glued to the screen. I think I might be the only one that can see where I’m going haha. Yeah I’ve been with Verizon since 5th grade and never had any other carrier in my life. It’s pretty funny too how some girls can get pretty defensive when teachers only tell them to put their phone away haha.

  12. Yeah the SK3 dropped while I just came out of HS. But yeah, Boost Mobile or Nextel chirping was huge in high school as well as the Sidekick 2. I had the SK2 at the same time I also had a Nextel i1000 plus, i830 and then a i870 (which I loved to death), but even back then I kinda looked at Boost Mobile as ghetto and felt like a ‘higher up’ because I had Nextel lol. Kids and adults these days spend their entire life on FB and twitter smh. Glad that wasn’t around on phones back then

  13. Haha I remember when I was in middle school a guy had the Sidekick 3 and I really liked it but pretty much I was with Verizon haha. Haha that’s pretty cool you’d be hearing chirps around the campus, I don’t think I wouldn’t mind seeing that. Haha I think more than the half the people just text and go on FB or some other social network, but never Skype. I’ve seen some people watch TV shows on their iTouch but that’s about it. Haha maybe one day I’ll do it!

  14. I’m jealous because when I was in high school, there wasn’t no DROID or even iPhones lol. My era in high school was Sidekicks and Boost Mobile “Where you at?” chirps haha which was hip back then. But yeah HS is like a fashion show, especially back then. Its just that now, HS students are very big on social networking and can Skype on their phones now and watch Avatar on their Vibrant. But there’s nothing wrong with being a dick in HS haha, when its over you will be totally glad.

  15. Ooooh Nice! Yeah they do come in very handy! But right now I’m still a HS student so no need for that unless I want to show people who’s get the best phone at school and shove it in their faces haha, but that would make me a dick which I don’t want to happen. That is what some HS kids do though haha. Well I think if I were to get a DROID I’d be keeping it since mine is getting very old, I’d only resell if I get a feature phone haha.

  16. Yeah im not a big app head either. But the Xfinity App for my iTouch have become very useful and I can watch ON DEMAND content on my iPod or use it as a Comcast remote which is pretty cool. The Chase app for my banking is very useful too. I like the App Store better than Android Market, but I’m not the type that need 5,000 apps like my friend who literally has that much apps no bullshit lol. Haha you funny for upgrading to DROID then reselling and going back to the retro phone lol

  17. Haha I think I would be one of those Asians if I had the money! But honestly it would only be for looks, I’m not much into the Apps or Mobile using. I love fiddling and having new phones but I just don’t really need it haha. Well I believe I still have about a Year or so left in my contract before a upgrade. So then I might get a DROID or get a feature phone and resell that then switch back to my current or used phone haha.

  18. Yeah thats all that matters at the end of the day, as long as it gets the job done. Funny because most Asians be having those high tech ass phones that don’t come to the States until a year later haha. I guess ur a pretty simple Asian lol. But thats cool dude. Are you waiting for an uprgade date from VZW?

  19. Haha Yeah, but as for right now I’m still pretty much stuck. I think possibly in a couple months or so I should be getting a new phone or a used one haha. The I760 really caught my eye for sometime then I get it and it’s just alright now. Yeah it is very bulky, but still gets the job done haha!

  20. I had no idea what the i760 was until I youtubed and… LMAO… time for an upgrade dude! But nah, atleast it has a slide out QWERTY but its bulky, bulkier than the DROID phones lol. I actually had the Alias as a loner phone when my Glyde was fuckin up. That phone was compact, but sucked.Haha if I were you, I’d get the DROID X2, Charge, Incredibe, or HTC Thunderbolt. You can’t go wrong with either one of those two and they will hold massive value for atleast up to the next year or so

  21. Haha right now I’ve got a Samsung SCH-i760 which I bought used about a year to 2 ago, before that I was using the 1st Samsung U740 (Alias). I think if I were to get a Droid I’d get the latest one which the biggest of everything haha. So possibly the Droid X2, Thunderbolt, Charge or what ever is coming out haha! Yeah I see a lot of 1st Droids for about $100, but I just don’t see that I could make anything out of it so I just wait haha.

  22. Thought I replied already. What phone you using now? When you say DROID, do you mean the first DROID? Or the latest DROID like X, X2, Incredible, Charge, etc..? Im sure you can find someone on CL with the first DROID in mnt condition trying to sell it for way under $300

  23. Haha Yeah! Well I guess eventually I’m just going to go ahead and get a Droid if I get some extra money haha. Yeah the Rogue is pretty bulky but pretty much same to what I’m using now so I wouldn’t mind much haha. Well as usual this is how the tech world goes!

  24. I like the Rogue alot, its was like a much better improved Glyde, but it was a bit bulky in hand, but still a nice ass phone. But I think Sprint made everyone forget all about the Rogue when they came with the Epic 4G. The Epic is like the Rogue on steroids lol, and serious much better upgrade. I forgot all about the Chocolate Touch, but I think you can kiss those non-android powered decent feature phones goodbye haha. VZW got the iPhone, Thunderbolt, DROID, Galaxy S… its over haha

  25. Yeah the ones you mentioned were the last decent ones that I could’ve gotten without a data plan. I was so close to get the Rouge until it had $10 Data requirement then I moved onto the LG Chocolate Touch, but was a little bit late and eventually they all required it. I’d which they’d make decent feature phones again but I can see why they won’t haha. Yeah the Rumor Touch was alright at first now it’s a eyesore for me haha.

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