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Kudo Solar Case with HDMI for iPad2 / iPad3 – Black

Kudo Solar Case with HDMI for iPad2 / iPad3 – Black
Kudo Solar Case with HDMI for iPad2 / iPad3 – Black

Product Added : January 12th, 2014
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Kudo Solar Case with HDMI for iPad2 / iPad3 – Black

Kudo Solar Case with HDMI for iPad2 / iPad3 - Black

This KudoCase for iPad 2 has all the features the solar case by Kudo has to offer! Indoor/Outdoor Solar Power giving you up to an average 10 days of use. An extended battery, USB Power-out charger, HDMI, Whistle Locator, Multiple Stands and the automatic Sleep/Wake feature built in. This durable case is one you can be proud of with a housing made from biodegradable grain and the worlds only indoor operating organic solar panel. Solar Power – New solar ink technology, works with outdoor & indoor light. Results will vary but the average use is 10 days with 2hrs iPad use per day with average light. HDMI port built in – watch your iPad on the big screen. Automatic iPad Sleep and Wake built into the flap. USB Power Out – Charge your phone, bluetooth, camera… directly off the solar case. Battery backup – High capacity 10A battery built into the case to store excess energy created by the light. Keyboard Stand – Angle the iPad at a comfortable 15 degrees for easier typing. Movie Stand – Position the iPad into a landscape movie / receipe angle. Durable protection – Protect the iPad from any angle. Thin, only 7/8″ total thickness. Whistle Locator – Cant find the iPad? Simply whistle and the case will beep to let you know where it is. Environmentally Friendly – Kudo To You! The worlds only organic solar panels. Housing is made from biodegradeable grains. Every online purchase includes a planted tree with the Arbor Day Foundation. Please note: From time to time you will still have to power your KudoCase from the wall. To learn more about how the solar panels work visit our FAQ page. KudoCase: 198mm X 271mm X 21mm (7.8″ x 10.7″ x 0.82″) :: 22.4oz Solar Ink: ~0.5W | 40-110mAh | 4.7V Battery: 10A | Transfer Rate 93% Docking 30Pin Output to iPad: 5V at 2.1A USB Output charge: 2.1A Package includes 1 Solar KudoCase for iPad 2 / iPad 3 and 1 USB charging cable to use with the iPad Wall adapter. The wall adapter is not included.

  • 8 x 10.5 x 0.75
  • Black

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What customers say about Kudo Solar Case with HDMI for iPad2 / iPad3 – Black?

  1. 54 of 59 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Promising, but not there yet, and not worth the high price tag, June 4, 2012
    William J. Morris III (Burlington, VT) –
    This review is from: Kudo Solar Case with HDMI for iPad2 / iPad3 – Black (Electronics)
    I was real excited about this product, and while I hate to say negative things, it is actually better for the environment if I post a negative review and less people buy, then return, the item. So, here are my thoughts:

    The good:
    -Obviously the solar panel is cool (see my notes below in the bad section though)

    -Like that the case is made from recycled materials

    -It comes with a free bag (which you have to order online from the manufacturer after you receive the case)

    -HDMI out is awesome

    -USB charging port is a plus

    -Love that it has a smart cover feature to turn the ipad on/off

    -Seems protective of the ipad, with perfect openings to access volume, power, camera.

    The bad:
    -It is HEAVY. Someone today told me their laptop is lighter. They were probably exaggerating, but not by much. This thing has some weight and lugging it around, or simply holding it in your hand, can get tiring.

    -The retractable stainless steel leg stands, which you need to extend in order to have your case on a comfortable angle while viewing the ipad, are VERY DIFFICULT TO EXTEND WITHOUT THE ASSISTANCE OF A SHARP OBJECT. This was a deal breaker for me and the reason I am returning the case. I called the manufacturer, and they basically admitted the design flaw, with the customer service rep telling me he has to use a pen to retract the legs. Wow, major screw up there. I don’t have a pen with me most of the times I want to use the ipad, and you absolutely need something like that to get the legs out. Bummer.

    -The whistle locator is a great idea, but it doesn’t work well. The case beeps at the sounds of things other than the whistle (e.g. my dog barking) and it only seems to beep when I whistle about 1/4 of the time, and only then if I am close to the ipad. Not really functional.

    -The solar panel is so small that it really doesn’t do much other than make you feel green. The instructions say you still have to plug the case in to charge it. Seems to defeat the purpose to me.

    All in all, this is a “good” case, but for the steep price tag, it needs to be better than good. Lighter, more functional, with better viewing angles would get it there.

    UPDATE: I’ve now had the case for one week. Using the iPad about 3-4 hours a day, the charge on the case’s internal battery kept me going for about 2.5 days before the iPad started to drain power. This is nowhere near the manufacturer’s claim (and I did fully cycle the battery the first time per the instructions). I am convinced the solar panel basically does nothing. The iPad sat in its case in direct sun today for about 45 minutes and the iPad charge did not go up at all, not even 1%!!! And now, the worst of all, my iPad (it is an iPad 2) will not lock into the case anymore, so even though I have recharged my case (by plugging it in), the iPad isn’t benefiting from that at all when docked in the case. Really disappointed and it goes back on Monday.


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  2. 14 of 17 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Cool idea, Alright delivery.., October 2, 2012
    This review is from: Kudo Solar Case with HDMI for iPad2 / iPad3 – Black (Electronics)
    When I first discovered this case I was excited. So I waited a week to get to my house and carefully read the single page instructions. A note the card is very limited and unfortunately they did not include the correct first time charging instructions in their single page instructions which can be found on their web site which ready:

    1) First charge. Remove the iPad from the KudoCase and Charge each independently.
    2) When charging with no iPad you will notice a blinking GREEN light on your Kudo® Case.
    4) Via NORMAL iPAD use, operate until you see the RED light beginning to blink, then REPEAT the steps above. *IT IS CRITICAL TO FULLY DEPLETE THE KUDO BATTERY AND THEN CHARGE BOTH AGAIN SEPARATELY TO COMPLETE THE CYCLING PROCESS — Congratulations, you have now “spanked” or cycled your battery!
    5) From now on you can charge the KudoCase® and iPad(tm) as instructed on the enclosed Instruction Card.


    Honesty it does not work as well as I hoped. I am putting it through the paces as I type. It seems to want to keep the ipad 3 charged at 100% all the time, even when the ipad is in sleep mode from the magnetic lock. The internal lithium battery still “trickle” charges the ipad even in sleep mode. Which kind of negates the idea of having a battery back up to extend battery life. It trickle charges all the time. So the iPad case lasts about 1-2 days and the it is dead, but your ipad is 100% charged, whatever that does for you. I use my ipad very heavily that I end up charging my ipad from +/-10% at the end of a day or two. The case is extremely heavy for a case at 1.7 pounds. So that now makes your ipad about the weight of a full fledged laptop. Also knowing that the case constantly charges whether in sleep mode or not hich makes the use of the external USB port not usable if the case’s internal battery dies so quickly or always in use. This is even with my screen set to between 30%-50% brightness.

    So traveling I let it sit in direct sunlight for about 3 hrs and the battery level never changed. It stayed at 3 blue pips, 4 blue pips indicates that the battery if fully charged. Discovering that the Kudos case constantly wants to keep your ipad charged at 100%. I assumed that if I turned off the ipad it would it would give the battery a chance to charge. It still stayed at 3 blue pips, after sitting in the sun for 3 hrs. All in all, I have to say that my ipad lasts roughly a day longer with the case then without it. Though, the HDMI feature is nice, but not really worth the added weight and the external USB port is kind of pointless of the battery won’t keep it’s charge or charge by the solar panel. Also, to keep in mind with since the ipad 3 is slightly thicker then ipad 2 it take a little effort to get the ipad 3 into the case but it will fit.

    Overall idea is awesome that is it made from post recycled products and they give you a free case when you visit their website as long as you are willing to pay for shipping and handling with is about $6 bucks and they will plant a tree for you, but for what the product is claiming to do, it does not seem to make it. Maybe they will release a second generation that might vastly improve.


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