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Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display (GDI-IRC6000) (Black)

Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display (GDI-IRC6000) (Black)
Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display (GDI-IRC6000) (Black)

Product Added : February 1st, 2013
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Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player with three.five-Inch Color Display (GDI-IRC6000) (Black)

Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display (GDI-IRC6000) (Black)

The Grace Digital Mondo Wi-Fi music player (GDI-IRC6000) is a mixture World-wide-web radio and audio media streamer that brings all the audio content material of the World-wide-web from your broadband connection to your household or workplace. Listen to over 17,000+ radio stations such as NPR on-demand, FOX news, CNN, BBC, CBS to KROQ, more than 35,000 podcast, 20,000+ On-Demand streams or your private Pandora radio stations – No cost. In addition to the ability to play all the Free music in the planet, music files from your Pc, Mac, NAS or USB thumb drive are also very easily accessed by means of the bright huge 3.5-Inch TFT colour backlight display. The Mondo also accesses further Free and Pay music services such as DAR.fm, Live 365, MP3tunes, iHeartRadio, Weatherbug and SiriusXM Web radio. The Mondo comes with a full featured remote control with direct access Pandora thumbs up and down buttons, aux input to connect added music sources (such as an iPhone – not integrated), RCA outputs, USB jack to play USB saved music or connect a Grace USB to Ethernet dongle (not included) and is compatible with the free of charge Grace remote control App for iPhone/iTouch/ iPad and Android phones. The Grace Mondo has 5 complete discrete alarms to wake up to buzzer or your favorite preset. With the constructed in snooze bar/sleep timer wake or fall asleep to your favored digital music. On the front of the radio there are ten presets as nicely as media player buttons and direct access Pandora buttons to thumbs up/down, skip or pause Pandora music. The headset jack is conveniently situated on the side. For the ultimate in portability the Grace Mondo supplies a constructed in lithium Ion battery charger. The battery pack (sold separately) gives up to 6 hours of true transportable music. Listen to all of your digital music anyplace in your residence or workplace – with Grace.

  • The Grace Digital Mondo GDI-IRC6000 streams more than 17,000 radio stations and on demand get in touch with included Pandora, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, Live365, NPR, NOAA climate and Weatherbug
  • Play music directly from the World-wide-web without having a Pc or play your favourite computer files from your laptop or computer. Supports: AAC, AAC+, ADTS, AIFC, AIFF, CAF, MP3, Next, OGG , WAV, WMA,ASX, M3U, PLS,HTTP, HTTPS, RTSP, Apple Lossless, and FLAC 24-bit 96kHz files
  • Play your digital music and enjoy crisp highs and deep base by way of the 3 inch woofer and 1 inch tweeter through the class D digital amplifier. Even wake to your favored music through five separate alarms with built in sleep timer and huge snooze bar
  • Connectivity incorporates constructed in 802.11 Wi-Fi, Headphone, RCA line out, Aux-in, USB (to play flash drive music or optional Grace Digital Ethernet Adapter) with constructed in Battery Backup and Real-Time clock ( RTC)
  • Incorporated accessories: Power Adapter, Remote Control, RCA to 3.5mm connector, user’s guide. Download your absolutely free iPhone or android remote control app
  • Optional Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack sold separately

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What customers say about Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display (GDI-IRC6000) (Black)?

  1. The manufacturer commented on the review belowSee comments
    101 of 105 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    For this Pandora One user, it is fabulous!, January 25, 2012
    A. Hudson “papillon_lover” (GSO) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display (GDI-IRC6000) (Black) (Electronics)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

    I love wi-fi radios and have a Pandora One account and also a Sirius account. I don’t think there is a room in my house that does not stream some sort of internet radio whether it be a Chumby, Roku, or through my iPod touches.

    Opening the box I liked that the unit it small. It has a big plug, I tried it in the kitchen but the plug is so big I was not able to plug back in an air freshener to the top plug because the Mondo took so much room in the outlet.

    Once plugged in, I found my wireless network and entering the password I had to laugh. Get ready to spin the dial in front up and down and all around. Once connected, it asked if I wanted a firmware upgrade, which of course I did.

    I went and logged into my Sirius account, again be prepared to be patient and sit there spinning the dial all over the place. One typo is hard to fix. I went into the settings and changed the clock, it will display it in 12 format or 24. I also wanted to register the device; you just go to the website and enter in the code that is provided on the screen on the Mondo. Once registered, it will display a screen with many options such as “Get more stuff”. I am glad I clicked it because you can link your accounts through your computer and you do not have to sit there and spin the dial like crazy. This was a nice feature. I added Pandora through this feature and it linked it right away. I love that Pandora is integrated on the device and also on the remote. Quick thumbs up or fast forward right there without trying to find it, great feature! The next option on the website is to “Manage My Stuff”. This is where you can manage your station, your streams, and your podcasts. The last is “Manage My Radios”. It will display the unit you have registered and if you have more than one you would select it here.

    I like that the unit comes with a remote. The remote is rather bulky though. I am used to iHome devices that have really small remotes and the size of a lighter and really thin. This is about half the size of a TV remote and thick. It works OK but I found using the buttons on the device a lot easier to navigate around than the remote. It does come with batteries which is a plus. It also comes with audio cables if you want to hook it up to your home stereo system. Since I have all the channels I want streaming from my Rokus, that is not a feature I will use but it is nice to have. It also has an AUX jack if you want to plug in a MP3 device. Plus a USB input as well.

    One great thing, if you add a channel through the website, it lets you know the kbps that it is broadcasted in. I think that is important, you want to make sure you are getting a high stream. I will admit I could not get a lot of the stations to play even when associating them to the correct program. Several did not work, but when they did, it was nice to sample it on my laptop and add the channel to my list and know it will be in my station list on the unit.

    From the main unit it has my weather built in; it shows the weather for several days with one click, or dial! It has my local fm stations which you are able to record through the DAR.fm, which is a free service. It has a built in equalizer or presets to choose from. I can’t think of one feature it does not have!

    Right now my favorite device in my home is either my iPod touch that I kept docked on my iHome or streaming my Pandora through an Acer tablet through a Bluetooth speaker. However, this device has everything my other favorite units have, and it is all built in! The sound is wonderful! I have kept it in the kitchen and usually stream a new age station on Pandora while cleaning or if cooking/cleaning I turn it to Sirius and listen to Hair Nation, I am a metalhead at heart. Very impressed with this unit, I have never owned a Grace unit but they have proved they are up there with the other competitors.

    Updated on January 30, 2012: I use this product every day I am in my kitchen. I had to forgo my air freshener since it takes my whole outlet but the trade off was worth it! Every time I am in the kitchen I am listening to the channels. I did want to add that if you add Sirius, you must have a main subscription then you add the internet radio part to your account, it cost $3.50 a month. With that you are able to get regular channels internet radio only, which to me is great. I tried to see what live365 was about but did not like their channels and found their prices to be extremely high if you want commercial free. I believe it was $71.40 billed every 12 months for the cheapest per month subscription. I am a hard core Pandora fan and user and pay $36 I believe a year to have commercial free, more skips, and higher streaming quality. The Mondo is Pandora friendly so it really suits my needs. I did try out iheartradio which is another application and I like it so far. It is like Pandora, just not as sophisticated, it is also free…

    Read more

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  2. stem
    The manufacturer commented on this review(What’s this?)
    Posted on

    Dec 12, 2012 9:11:04 AM PST

    Hi, A.. Hudson thank you for your comments on the Grace Digital Mondo. We appreciate your comments and when possible incorporate customer feedback into upcoming software releases. As you may have noticed on Tuesday Dec 12, we released new software for the Mondo. The new software includes a few enhancements that relate to the alarm clock and display settings. The enhancements include:

    - Increasing the size of the clock by 25%
    - The radio now remembers your previous alarms after they have been disabled so that you can quickly re-enable them. We save up to 5 alarms in memory. Alarms can be set to go off just once, the same day each week, 7 days a week, 5 days a week (weekdays), or weekends only
    - Ability to change the backlight when the radio is off (in standby). So regardless of your default back light settings, you can quickly change the backlight up or down without turning the radio on by rotating the select knob left or right.
    - 31 back light settings for 3 different modes: Standby, Inactive, Active
    - Instead of the Album art displaying when the alarm goes off now the large clock will display
    - Ability to display either the album art / station art when music is playing or display the large clock. You can change this in the backlight settings menu.
    - You can select any of your preset radio stations for the alarm, the buzzer, or the aux in jack. Please note, if you radio station or network is not available when your alarm goes off within 1 minute the backup buzzer will be used for the alarm.
    - All alarms, presets, and settings are stored in nonvolatile memory in the event of a power failure

    I hope you enjoy the new features.

  4. 40 of 42 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Mondo is a Dream to Use, January 13, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display (GDI-IRC6000) (Black) (Electronics)

    The Grace Digital GDI-IRC6000 Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display (Black) (Mondo) is the latest digital audio product from Grace. The setup was a breeze, and I connected with my Wi-Fi router within 2 minutes, and was up and listening to Internet radio in literally 5 minutes. The voice and music quality are excellent. The color LCD display is a joy to navigate through.

    I only have two small nits about the Mondo:

    1. Be careful when you use the built-in handle to move the Mondo around, it could slip from your grasp easily.
    2. The supplied remote control works, but the Mondo at times responded sluggishly to my commands on the remote.

    There, I just laid out all my complaints about the Mondo.

    People, buy this radio if you can. You will be glad you did.

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  5. Thanks! I will give it a try! :)

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