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Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (White)

Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (White)
Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (White)

Product Added : June 29th, 2013
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Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (White)

Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (White)

Foscam 910W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera (White).Light Frequency 50 / 60 Hz or outdoor .Storage Temperature: 14 ~~ 140° F (-10 – 60° C), Storage Humidity: ~~ 90% non-condensing.What is in the box: FOSCAM FI8910W Wireless IP Camera (Black), WiFi Antenna, Mounting Bracket, Network Cable, 5V DC Energy Provide, Installation CD, User Manual and two-Year Restricted Warranty.Higher image & video top quality (Display resolution: 640 x 480 Pixels (300k Pixels)). two year extended warranty, when bought from authorized retailers listed at foscam.us/exactly where-to-buy.html

  • Developing on the success of the Foscam FI8918W, the FI8910W is the most current camera from Foscam Digital Technologies LLC.It functions high high quality video & audio, pan/tilt, remote world wide web viewing, motion detection, evening-vision, embedded IR-Cut filter, constructed in network video recording program as well as totally free phone technical support offered from Foscam Digital Technologies LLC.
  • The distinguishing features of the FI8910W are the embedded IR-Reduce off filter, upgraded external housing, wider horizontal panning range and 2 year Warranty.
  • The IR-cut filter provides true & accurately images fixing the problems related to washed out and discolored photos. In addition, the reduce off filter also permits the camera to properly automatically adjust to changing lighting circumstances so the user does not manually have to do this.
  • Also includes, two-way audio monitoring, remote pan/tilt handle (pan:300° & tilt:120°), freely handle IR-LED on/off for night vision (up to 8 meters)
  • Remote viewing through neighborhood network or internet, record from anyplace anytime, motion detection alert via email or upload image to FTP, Blue Iris compatible Supports all standard browsers, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Android & BlackBerry, Wi-Fi compliant (IEEE 802.11b/g), supports WEP & WPA WPA2 Encryption

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What customers say about Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (White)?

  1. 760 of 798 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent Features for the Price, March 29, 2012
    R. Tickle “RATickle” (North Jersey) –

    Considering that you are paying less than $100 for a wireless IP Camera that provides PT (no Zoom), infrared night vision, motion detection, and automatic email of alarm photos, there is very little one can criticize about this camera. Yes, it’s tricky to set-up if you have never done port-forwarding before and yes, the frame rate and resolution are both a little low, and the audio is crap, but remember that you paid less than $100 for this thing. If you need audio, higher frame rates and better resolution, you should buy a more expensive IP camera.

    As far as setup goes, if you understand networking and port-forwarding, these are my recommendations:

    1) Do NOT install the software on the CD.
    2) Connect the camera by Cat-5 wire to your router.
    3) Login to your router (via browser) and find the IP address assigned to your camera.
    4) Login to the camera at that IP address (via browser) and IMMEDIATELY turn OFF the DHCP.
    5) Give your camera a fixed IP address on your network and fill in the subnet mask with what you normally use.
    6) The Gateway and DNS fields should normally be the IP address of your router.
    7) Fill in the SSID, encryption type, and share key used by your wireless network.
    8) Pick a 4 digit number to use for the HTTP port number. (I have no idea what “Network Lamp” is so I left it checked.)
    9) Disconnect the Cat-5 cable and re-boot the camera.
    10) Re-login to the camera at the new fixed IP address to verify that everything’s working.
    11) Login to your router and set a port-forwarding entry to map to the fixed IP address and HTTP port you gave your camera.
    12) Use the “What’s My IP” site to find your outside IP address.
    13) Enter your outside IP address and HTTP port number into a browser and verify that you can get into the camera from outside your house.
    14) You’re done.

    UPDATE #1:
    Under the Mail Service Settings there is a checkbox named “Report Internet IP by Mail”. If you check this, when you ISP gives you a new external IP address or when the camera reboots because of a power failure, the camera will email you the current external IP address and port! A very nice feature for those of us who prefer not to use DDNS services.

    UPDATE #2:
    The best app I’ve found for viewing IP camera feeds on a smartphone or tablet is IP Cam Viewer by Robert Chou.

    UPDATE #3:
    While I am still pleased with my FosCams, two things have happened recently that make me wonder about the business practices of FosCam. First, out of the blue they have raised the price $10. Second, FosCam.us is given me the run-around about an RMA to return a camera I purchased directly from FosCam. If you do decide to purchase a FosCam camera, buy it through Amazon. Amazon will not give you the run-around over a return. FosCam seems to be money-grubbing and anti-customer.

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  2. 512 of 542 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great inexpensive security cam, February 15, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (White) (Electronics)

    The Foscam F18910W camera is operating quite well. I have 3 F18918W cameras and have been pleased with their operation and function as well. They are very stable cameras – images always available whenever I link to them- and easy to set up.

    For setup, I have found it easier to just plug them in using the Ethernet connection, and then log into my router and find their IP address, and set them up from there. The only thing you have to remember during setup is that the new camera’s port may be set the same as an existing camera. In this case either shut down any existing cameras, or use the FosCam install software and let it find the new camera and port number.

    I have the FosCams mounted in our business for security and their range of motion and quality of images- including infrared- has been invaluable. Also the sound quality is good from the camera. Talking through the cameras to someone is weak, but there. I am replacing older D-Link DCS-900 cameras which are fixed position only provide picture- no sound or two-way communication capabilities.

    One feature that would be good in my case would be the ability to zoom in on an object. Zoom is not a function of any of the FosCam models I now have.

    I monitor the cameras from my IPad, my Droid 2 and 3 phones using an excellent app – IP Cam Viewer from Robert Chou. I also use IE and Chrome browsers.

    You do have to use port forwarding on your router so you can find the cameras via your business/home location’s IP address. If you don’t have a static IP address, you can use dyndns.org to track your dynamic IP address.

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  3. 338 of 366 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Best Value Wireless IP Camera, February 29, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (White) (Electronics)

    This camera, and the company itself, clearly has some shortcomings. However, at this price you’ll be content, if not ecstatic. It works well as a security camera and baby monitor. After using it for 1 week I’ve bought 2 more. Details below.


    After researching Wireless IP cameras for a few hours I concluded that this camera is the best value. I compared it to all other wireless IP cameras including TrendNet TRENDnet TV-IP422WN SecurView Wireless Day/Night Pan/Tilt/Zoom Internet Surveillance Camera Logitech Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master Security System with Night Vision Foscam 8918 Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with 8 Meter Night Vision and 3.6mm Lens (67° Viewing Angle) and the high end ones Panasonic Panasonic BB-HCM531A Outdoor Pan/Tilt PoE Security Network Camera (Silver) and this amazing one from Axis Axis 214 Ptz Network Camera Pan Tilt Zoom Day/night 2 Way Audio. Not to mention this camera is light years ahead of a TrendNet camera I bought a few years ago for the same price (Newer Model) TRENDnet ProView Wireless Internet Surveillance Camera TV-IP501W (White).

    Setup: I couldn’t find the software available for download on Foscam’s website so I actually had to use the CD (People still use CD’s?). Once I installed the software, I hard wired the camera to my router Linksys E2500 Advanced Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router, opened up the software, read the manual, typed in the default use id and password, read the manual again, played with all the setting and then set it up to connect wirelessly. Then I closed the software, unplugged the camera from the router, unplugged the power to the camera, plugged the power back in, opened the software back up and everything worked fine.

    The rotation works great. If you set the speed to 0 it moves fast.
    At far distances, the lens itself is decent enough to get more than just general idea of what is going on. At close distances it’s sufficient.
    Works great with the iPad.
    According to my Kill A WATT P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor it only uses 3 watts.

    Camera Cons:
    Either the quality control is off or something got mixed up because I ordered this camera in white and it came with a nice multifunctional mounting bracket. However, I ordered the silver/black version of this camera and it came with 2 antennas, but no mounting bracket. I contacted Foscam about this. They apologized, didn’t question me, and sent me a mounting bracket for free.
    The body of the camera fees a bit cheap, which maybe it is. For example, the top half of the camera does not fit snugly into the base. However, I have not had any problems rotating it.
    The edge of the picture has a slight bow to it.
    The resolution is not HD. You couldn’t make out a license plate from more than 20 feet away if that.
    While transferring a large file wirelessly from one laptop to another using my E2500 router, the camera would pan erratically. As soon as the file transfer stopped the camera worked fine.
    I couldn’t get the speakers to work even with a microphone NADY SP-4C Dynamic Microphone plugged directly into the unit or into my computer. (Not sure what to do here.)
    I couldn’t get it to play/record any sound either. To improvise I bought a baby monitor NTM-910YLW – Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor.
    Runs hot, but it hasn’t affected its performance and again it’s only using 3 watts.
    Supposedly you can’t use this outside. I may test that theory. If I do I’ll let you know.

    Software Cons:
    You can’t change the size of the camera view.
    You can’t digitally zoom in on one spot.
    If the alarm triggers it records for 1 minute. The only thing you can adjust is the sensitivity.
    You can’t adjust screen size, which is really annoying when you use the multiple camera view because the screen size of each camera is tiny.

    If you have multiple monitors, double click on the picture and it will open up a full screen view on one of your other monitors. This is especially helpful if you’re using the multiple camera view because the picture is small…

    Read more

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