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Escort Entourage CIS Kit-0016 GPS Vehicle Tracker (Black)

Escort Entourage CIS Kit-0016 GPS Vehicle Tracker (Black)
Escort Entourage CIS Kit-0016 GPS Vehicle Tracker (Black)

Product Added : June 27th, 2013
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Escort Entourage CIS Kit-0016 GPS Vehicle Tracker (Black)

Escort Entourage CIS Kit-0016 GPS Vehicle Tracker (Black)

Amazon.com Solution Description Safeguard your vehicle as by no means before with the most-efficient permanently installed GPS safety alerting and tracking technique obtainable. And it really is from Escort, the top authority in radar and laser detection for much more than 30 years. Powerfully combining constantly-on cellular networks, best-tier GPS tracking and motion-sensing technologies that activates from your personal keychain, plus the exclusive, immediately-triggered GPS Recovery & Monitoring Service to speed the return of your stolen vehicle, the Escort Entourage CIS is your further layer of assurance for the items or individuals you worth most.

GPS-primarily based automobile security and protection exactly where & when it counts. Click to enlarge.

Escort Entourage CIS Powered by BlacklineGPS

Protect, share and connect as never ever just before with the most effective permanently installed technique offered for your automobile.

Powerfully combining always-on cellular networks, top-tier GPS tracking and motion-sensing technologies that activates from your own keychain, plus the exclusive, instantly-triggered BlacklineGPS Recovery & Monitoring Service to speed the return of your stolen car, the Escort Entourage CIS is your added layer of assurance for the things or folks you worth most.

Maximum Safety and Comfort
The Escort Entourage CIS arms and disarms automatically with your MyPass crucial fob, and it lets you know by text message and e-mail when your automobile is tampered with or moved by an unauthorized individual.

Maximum Location Awareness
Advanced sharing technology lets you go beyond mere tracking, enabling you to share your vehicle’s location with individuals you know, through your personalized web site panel. Plus, you can track your vehicle’s precise location on your laptop, Blackberry smartphone, or browser-enabled mobile phone–all in genuine-time and on demand.

Maximum Personalization
Your private internet site allows you to set all your safety preferences–and modify them at any time. Pick your security parameters, pick icons for your a number of devices, verify your vehicle’s speed and path on Google maps, and even see exactly where your car has been in the previous six months.

Real-time GPS tracking tells you where your car is situated at anytime. Click to enlarge.

Instant awareness of your vehicle’s or belongings’ safety via mobile alerting (SMS and e-mail). Click to enlarge.

One particular of a lot of custom installation possibilities. Click to enlarge.

GPS tracking and motion-sensing technologies activates from your own keychain. Click to enlarge.

Maximum Recovery and Monitoring 24/7
Escort Entourage CIS powered by Blackline GPS is the first automobile safety device sold at retail featuring the optional BlacklineGPS Recovery & Monitoring Service, backed by sector leader, Reliance Protectron. Now, you will be notified each by text message and a telephone get in touch with from a real particular person, when your automobile is compromised, and each effort will be created to recover it as quickly as attainable–and with the minimum amount of harm.

Maximum Ease-of-installation
The intelligent style of Escort Entourage CIS tends to make it effortless to set up by any expert automotive service specialist. Ask your dealer, regional audio and security method installer or major automotive service chain for further details.

Maximum Peace-of-thoughts
Unparalleled attributes, unmatched overall performance and unequaled attention to the ownership expertise make the Escort Entourage CIS the smartest selection in security, location awareness, recovery and monitoring for your car.

Service plan necessary for use. (Monitoring & Recovery Service Optional)

Service Strategy Description

The service program that’s appropriate for you.
Put the advanced technologies of the Escort Entourage CIS to work for you as a comforting added layer of assurance for your car for only .95/month (three month prepayment and activation fee of .95 required when activating device). Or, subscribe to an annual plan and pay no activation fee. Plans have no contracts, no cancellation costs, and incorporate all the attributes.

Annual Escort Entourage CIS Service program powered by Blackline GPS contains:

  • Access to your individual Network Account powered by Blackline GPS, that is the on the internet property for your Escort Entourage CIS
  • Unlimited real-time locating produces locations as quick as 20 seconds
  • No service cancellation fees
  • Wireless coverage in the US and Canada
  • Effortless-to-personalize online World wide web browser-based interface
  • Continuous tracking provides 10-second places for up to 10 minutes at a time
  • Tracking scheduler automates tracking for you with tracking intervals as fast as every single ten minutes
  • Mobile safety alerts and notification through e mail and text message (SMS)
  • Early indication of achievable theft via tamper-sensing (vibration) and alerting
  • Early theft indication by way of GPS security perimeter monitoring and breach alerting
  • Remote control interface for remote interaction and locating by way of text message (SMS) from your mobile telephone
  • Interactive mapping with zoom and panning characteristics
  • 6-month place and security data history within Network Account that retailers place, speed, path, altitude, alerts and much more
  • Cost-free Place-sharing and Pal-finder app for supported smartphones with an unparalleled, hassle-free mobile interface
  • Hassle-free of charge, automatically recurring credit card billing from Blackline GPS
  • 24/7 reside buyer care

Optional Monitoring & Recovery Service

Optional Blackline GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service for your Escort Entourage CIS
When activating your new Escort Entourage CIS, consider subscribing to the Blackline GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service (BMRS). It’s your assure of maximum comfort, efficiency and peace-of-mind.

Immediate theft detection
As opposed to other solutions, Blackline GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service is triggered instantly. If your automobile is ever stolen, Entourage CIS notifies you straight by e-mail and text message (SMS). Simultaneously, the BMRS recovery center is contacted, and you will receive a call from a live particular person to verify your vehicle’s status so the recovery process can commence instantly.

Your MyPass tends to make it take place
The MyPass crucial fob included with your Entourage CIS program conveniently automates its security characteristics. Each and every time you leave your automobile, the MyPass automatically and wirelessly arms your Entourage CIS, and disarms it when you return. If your automobile leaves its GPS security perimeter without your MyPass present, you are instantly notified via mobile alerting by way of e-mail and text message. If you subscribe to the Blackline GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service, the recovery method is triggered instantaneously.

Self-confidence counts
When your vehicle goes missing, every minute matters. With Blackline GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service, you can be assured of the highest levels of high quality and knowledge. And with a lot of insurance carriers supplying discounts to customers with permanently-installed theft systems, subscribing to BMRS is the ideal way to safeguard your investment. See us on the web at www.BlacklineGPS.com/bmrs for much more particulars.

Annual subscription necessary for service. Optional Monitoring & Recovery Service is 9.95

What’s in the Box
Escort Entourage CIS, Rapid start off guide, MyPass important fob, Complete hardwire kit.

  • Automatic arming and disarming of the system with the Mypass key fob
  • Tamper-sensing technologies alerts you when someon tampers with your car
  • GPS safety perimeter monitoring alerts you when your vehicle’s place is compromised
  • Get immediate alerts by way of e-mail and text message when your vehicle’s safety is threatened
  • Find your car employing genuine-time GPS tracking technologies from your web browser or mobile phone

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What customers say about Escort Entourage CIS Kit-0016 GPS Vehicle Tracker (Black)?

  1. 14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Product, Unreliable Network, February 3, 2010
    Ryko “saimin” (california) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Escort Entourage CIS Kit-0016 GPS Vehicle Tracker (Black) (Electronics)

    This product is very easy to install with only two wires. One for power(must find a constant 12v) and one for ground. After that you just choose a location to hide the device and press the on button. Then you log onto the website and choose a plan, either yearly or monthly. I choose yearly $179/yr because they waive the activation fee.

    The product itself has many great features such as text and email alerts, vehicle locating, and vehicle tracking. The actual gps locations are usually very accurate but they are sometimes off. For example: I press locate when i know my vehicle is parked in front of my house but when it gives me my location it says my vehicle is next door at the neighbors house. I would give this product 5 out of 5 if it didn’t have such an UNRELIABLE NETWORK. I set my device to text me if the motion sensor senses vibration, if my vehicle is stolen, or if it logs out of the network. I have received a text multiple times in the past month saying my device has logged off the network which basically means the device is off. There is no way of locating or tracking it until the network is back up. Sometimes its offline for 5-10 minutes, sometimes i’ve noticed it down for hours. I have since emailed customer service and this is what they are saying:

    “We are currently having intermittent issues with devices being able to communicate over our wireless partners wireless network. We are working to resolve the situation as soon as possible.”

    This would be a good explanation if it happened maybe once or twice since owning the device, but it has happened at least 8 or 9 times and i have the texts alerts to prove it. This is very unreliable because at any of these times your vehicle could be stolen and you would have no way to track it until they fix whatever issues they are having for the day.

    I also bought this product because at CES 2010 they announced an iphone app coming in January, currently there is only an app for blackberrys. It is now February and no iphone app available which is very disappointing.

    For this review i gave only 2 stars mainly for the ease of installation and great features. I wouldn’t give it more than 2 stars because I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this product to friends or family members knowing that there are ongoing issues with the network. At this point it is just too unreliable to recommend but I will keep this review updated if anything changes.

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  2. 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Delivers what it promises…, January 6, 2010
    Craig G. Swanson “GadgetDad” (Las Vegas) –

    This review is from: Escort Entourage CIS Kit-0016 GPS Vehicle Tracker (Black) (Electronics)

    I’m an Entourage PS owner and recently purchased two Entourage CIS units (one for my car, and one for my wife’s). I had Installernet do the installation at a convenient location near my office – it was painless and less than $60 with the installcard!

    One of the great features of these products is out ability to share our locations with each other (this is kind of like FaceBook for vehicles). As much as I love my Entourage PS, the custom installed CIS automates the arming and disarming of the security features with the key fob. If you’re planning on protecting one vehicle and knowing where it is anytime and if someone has bumped it or simply stolen it, this is the product you want to have. I often forgot to set the manual features on my PS so I love the automated features on the Entourage CIS.

    Anyway, this product delivers what it says it does and always works (and locations on my maps are within 5 feet of where my car actually is). And, with the mobile application called BlipPlus for my Blackberry, I have total control of my security features, tamper and perimeter alerting, tracking history, my other devices, and more on my phone. My wife doesn’t have a Blackberry but she’s still able to use the products remote control simple text messaging commands to locate it, find me if she wants, and decide if she’s going to continue sharing her location with me… I’m anxious for my wife to get BlipPlus for her iPhone that supposed to be coming out very soon according to Blackline GPS customer service that manages the device subscription plans (BTW which are totally reasonable). A must buy from a guy who has 3.

    One more thing – I’m able to have my key fob work with both of my CIS units without having to carry two around (it’s a simple “pairing” setup). Nice!

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