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Click & Pledge Swiper1 Mobile Credit Card Processing

Click & Pledge Swiper1 Mobile Credit Card Processing
Click & Pledge Swiper1 Mobile Credit Card Processing

Product Added : June 25th, 2013
Category : Wireless Phone

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Click & Pledge Swiper1 Mobile Credit Card Processing

Click & Pledge Swiper1 Mobile Credit Card Processing

Accept payments Anyplace with your current Click & Pledge account. The Swiper1 enables Android/Apple mobile phones and processes credit cards securely.
Optional Salesforce integration gives contact details. All information are recorded into the Click & Pledge portal and Salesforce with detailed reporting.

Functions: – Encrypted PCI compliant – Costs as low as two.75% + .15 cents/transaction, direct deposit – Accept all key credit/debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. Complete integration Salesforce – mobile virtual terminal – e-mail assistance – Enables for suggestions, donations, taxes. – Recurring payment as installment or subscription with indefinite recurring alternative. – Add custom concerns such as Employer, Occupation for FEC compliant reporting – Add Terms & Situations – True-time receipts – e mail, SMS or print – Print making use of Woosim Bluetooth printer on Android & AirPrint making use of iOS (printer not included), and Kindle Fire (NOT HD) – Tax and tax deductible settings – Free of charge manual entry.

Click & Pledge merchant account pricing applies. www.clickandpledge.com/pricing
To sign up for a Click & Pledge account, please visit http://ClickandPledge.com/Apply/

  • Accept payments anyplace using your Android phone, tablets, iPhone & iPad
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Political Campaigns: FEC Compliant
  • Costs as low as two.75% + .15 cents/transaction, direct deposit
  • Recurring payment as installment or subscription with indefinite recurring alternative in addition to real-time receipts – e mail, SMS or print

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Question by Benjamin M: what is the very best way for my organization to accept credit cards and trade shows?
i am hunting in to wireless credit card machines and wondered what organizations have the very best service and offers.

Greatest answer:

Answer by Tom C
It’s been a while given that I’ve worked in that industry, but I believe NPC employed to be one particular of the most respectable businesses out there for credit card processing.

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  1. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Definitely the one to consider, June 3, 2013
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Click & Pledge Swiper1 Mobile Credit Card Processing (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    This credit card reader and many like it, gives you the capability to offer your customers or donors an option to pay with credit card for goods, services, donations, etc. So, now just like stores, you can give your customers an option of paying by credit card whether you are selling something in a flea market or art show; collecting donations at a charity event; or selling things in your store.

    ** SHORT REVIEW: In short, this is a great company with great people, delivering an awesome solution at competitive price, and that is why I gave them 5 stars.

    There are a few options when it comes to the credit card readers for your smart devices. I have been doing some fairly detailed research for the few organizations that I am involved with (some for profit, some nonprofits, some small and some mid to large size).
    If I had to summarize my research in one sentence, at a risk of stating the obvious, it is all about the company behind the reader. While I cannot provide exact technical detail, chances are the readers are mass produced somewhere in China and maybe even in the same facility! So the reader IMHO should not be a decision factor.

    ++ So what were my decision factors? Cost, Security, Integration Capability, Ease of Use and Configuration, Support ++

    It is kind of interesting how some folks lose the sight of what is really happening when they purchase one of these gadgets. It is a tool that gives you the ability to sell your goods and services using credit card. So, like any other credit card transaction, what you are buying is a device that takes the money that your customer owes you (all be it in a digital form i.e. credit card charge), and promises to give it to you in a “reasonable” time for a “reasonable” charge. While all the companies in this space very much do that. The difference between them is what their definition of “reasonable” is. At a risk of stating the obvious, the higher they charge you, the more money you are losing, and perhaps a little less obvious, the longer they take to pay you (hold time) , the longer it is that you do not have the use of your money. These two simple but critical factor (transaction fee and the hold time) sometimes is lost in all the marketing minutia.

    Safety and security of your credit card information is all tied into this criteria.

    For example if you are running an event, and would like to have contact information to send thank you notes to folks who made donations. Or, you may want to know who purchased what. Maybe you want to send them information about where you are going to be selling your goods (next art show, community market, etc.). Or simply you want to keep track of the market where you have the best return on investment. These type of tasks can be extremely easy if there is good integration with proper applications behind the scene, or it could be real pain if you don’t have the proper integration

    What I need is a simple system that while easy to use, have the capability to grow with the business or do various tasks depending on the event that I would use it for. Depending on the event/engagement that I am dealing with, I may need to add Tip, have or not have tax, setup recurring payments with all options imaginable. I may have to meet some government reporting criteria, and /or be able to print receipts on the spot to a printer. Speaking of printing, how flexible the solution is here, can make or break things. In some of my events, folks want actual printout, some like to get an email, while others wish to get their receipts via text message and so on.

    As mentioned in my cost factor, you are dealing with a company that is going to deliver your money from your customer’s credit card to your account. While all the companies in this space as far as I know are trustworthy, as long as Murphy is around something will go wrong. This is where support becomes more important than anything else; simply put, being able to talk to an actual human being who can resolve the issue in the most expeditious way. Since cash flow is one of the most if not THE most critical part of any business, bad support can translate to much more pain than just simple aggravation.

    Sorry for being verbose, but I wanted to be clear on where I am coming from when I mention, Cost, Support, Security, flexibility, etc. After all everybody throws these words around.

    I ended up with Click&Pledge. I don’t want to…

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  2. Wireless terminals are great but have two drawbacks that you need to keep in mind before purchasing one:

    1) They only work if you have coverage in your area. Wireless terminals are no different then cell phones. If you don’t have coverage they’re completely useless. If the trade shows you attend are located in the lower levels of buildings you may find that you didn’t get a signal and thus are unable to process your transactions wirelesly. Unfortunately there is no way to tell until you get there.

    2) They are very expensive. Although you do gain the benefit of having lower rates if you can process your cards in real time, the cost savings may never add up to enough to cover the cost of the wireless terminal. Getting a standard landline terminal and using that trade shows that offer a phone line and then using a manual imprinter for shows where that isn’t available would save you a lot of money.

    As far as terminals go, the Nurit 8000 is probably the best choice. It’s easy to use and widely supported.

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