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TeleZapper TZ 900

TeleZapper TZ 900
TeleZapper TZ 900

Product Added : March 25th, 2013
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TeleZapper TZ 900

TeleZapper TZ 900

Not only does this handy gadget screen telemarketing calls for you, it also helps to make certain they will not hold attempting to get ahold of you. The TeleZapper from Privacy Technologies plugs into any phone or telephone jack. It operates by emitting a particular tone that makes your quantity appear disconnected to pc-generated calls. Sooner or later, as your number is eliminated from lists, the calls turn out to be a rarity, rather than routine. It won’t interfere with manually dialed calls, answering machines, voicemail, Caller ID or Call Waiting. Nevertheless, it could eliminate your quantity from the lists of organizations that use dialer computer systems. Effortless installation. No monthly charges or service charges. AC adapter and telephone cord integrated. Charcoal gray. No. TZ 900. Imported. 3Hx7Wx5D”.When you have had your dinner interrupted by a telemarketer one particular too several times, treat your phone line and your self to the Telezapper TZ 900. It’s a basic, a single-time-price remedy to the dilemma of annoying telemarketing calls. Primarily based on the enormously well-liked classic Telezapper, the newer Telezapper TZ 900 provides the benefits of a slimmer profile, built-in battery power, and an advanced three-tone mode.

Here’s how it works: Provided that far more than 90 % of telemarketing calls are placed with pc assistance, when either you or your answering machine answers the phone, the Telezapper emits a unique tone that tells the pc your quantity has been permanently disconnected. Telemarketing firms that use automated dialing systems usually get rid of disconnected numbers from their calling lists, and as your telephone number is eliminated from more and far more telemarketing lists, you are going to notice fewer calls. Of course, not all telemarketers use predictive dialing systems, and these that do will undoubtedly continue their function to evade the Telezapper, but it can be a partial solution.

Most predictive dialing systems will be fooled by the Telezapper’s regular single tone. Nonetheless, for newer dialing systems (presumably designed in response to the success of the preceding Telezapper model), the TZ 900 offers an advance 3-tone mode. To alter the mode, unscrew and remove the protective case and then slide a recessed switch. (We recommend that Privacy Technologies place the switch on the outside for their subsequent model.)

For the most component, regular callers are unaffected by the Telezapper, but it might “zap” calls from other organizations that use the same predictive dialing technology (such as charities, pollsters, and automated emergency climate systems) and from callers who use specific sorts of calling cards. (For far more data, click FAQ, or often asked queries, in the left navigation bar.)

Installation requires seconds. Just plug the Telezapper into your telephone line and your telephone into the Telezapper. It is that basic. A constructed-in lithium-ion battery provides energy and will likely last for the lifetime of the unit. The Telezapper consists of a phone cord and guidelines. Privacy Technologies backs the device with a 1-year warranty. –Mike Brown


  • Reduces telemarketing calls placed by predictive dialing systems
  • Does not interfere with most normal calls
  • Economical, one-time-cost answer
  • Extremely simple to set up and use


  • Could “zap” some desired calls
  • Annoying beep every single time the receiver is lifted
  • Assists automatically eliminate your phone number from telemarketing lists
  • Covers all phones and answering machines on the same line
  • Doesn’t interfere with regular calls and phone functions
  • Advanced 3-tone operation tells predictive dialing computer systems your number is disconnected
  • Constructed-in battery, no AC adapter needed

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What customers say about TeleZapper TZ 900?

  1. 88 of 91 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Works Like A Charm!, February 18, 2003
    IlPrimitivo (San Francisco, CA) –

    This review is from: TeleZapper TZ 900 (Office Product)

    I used to get marketing calls almost every day with calls in the months leading up to the holidays hitting my phone both in the morning and evening.

    Finally I had enough of the marketing call hassle and decided to fight back. I put a TelezZapper on my Christmas “wish list” and received one as a gift. I was a little skeptical about the thing and wasn’t really sure if it would work but a few days after getting the unit the TeleZapper was on my phone line and I was waiting for the first telemarketer call to arrive to get zapped. I was also waiting to see if it would zap my DSL connection since it’s on the same phone line.

    I didn’t have to wait very long. The phone rang, I picked up the receiver, and in about a second I heard the tri-tone signal, and then said “hello” … the line was silent. I called out again and got no response. I just zapped my first telemarketer and it was great!

    I booted up my computer to test my DSL line and it didn’t skip a beat. I also checked my caller ID and it still registered numbers.

    Finally, something that actually seems to work!

    A few things to note:

    · Re-record your message machine to allow a 2-3 second gap at the beginning so that the Telezapper can beep and not garble the beginning of your message.

    · Tell your friends about the device on your phone and tell them not to hang up when they hear the tones. Some of my friends just thought they got a wrong number and hung up to try again.

    · If you’re not expecting any calls you may want the call to go to your answering machine first to get zapped and then pick up after you’re sure there’s a voice at the other end of the line.

    · If you pick up the receiver before your answering machine picks up, wait for the tones to go off before putting the receiver to your ear — the tones are loud.

    Overall this is a great little unit and it really does work with my marketing calls dropping by at least 90%.

    The next thing I need to do is to place the TeleZapper on my 2nd line — my fax line — to get rid of all those junk faxes!

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  2. 166 of 181 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Not the End-all, Be-all Solution, February 27, 2003
    Warren Holzem (Oregon) –

    This review is from: TeleZapper TZ 900 (Office Product)

    I actually have the earlier model of the TeleZapper — the one that’s the size of a small answering machine. The product does exactly what it is designed to actually do, and it does so reliably. But the real question is does what the product actually do stand up to it’s marketing as a way to stop telemarketers from calling you.

    The answer is, to some degree, sort-of.

    The way it works is this: The telemarketer calls you. You (or your answering machine) answers the call, and the TeleZapper beeps. If the telemarketer is using the right equipment to recognize that tone as being a non-working number, the telemarketer will automatically disconnect from the call, and theoretically delete your phone number from the list it is using.

    So let’s look at this closer. Your phone still rings. If you (or your answering machine) does not answer the ringing phone, the beep-tone is never heard by the telemarketer’s equipment. The result of not answering the phone is the same with or without the TeleZapper.

    Okay, so we have to answer the phone once. But after that one time aren’t we deleted from the lists they all use? Well, no. There are lots of lists out there. Some are used only once. Doesn’t do much good to be removed from a list that will never be used again. But in all fairness, you will be removed from a few lists that might have gotten used again.

    My personal experience was that initially there was no change in the number of calls. It took some time before any of those beeps my TeleZapper made had any effect on whether or not I was going to get called again. During this first period, I still got to talk to a lot of telemarketers because they weren’t using equipment that the TeleZapper had any effect upon.

    After about three or four months, I realized that there were far fewer times that I answered the phone, and no one was there. That could mean one of two things: Either the TeleZapper was working, and I was really was being taken off the lists, or telemarketers stopped using the kind of equipment that’s stopped by the TeleZapper.

    It’s been over a year now, and it’s just been in the last two weeks that things changed again. I’m now suddenly again getting lots of calls with no one there. My speculation is that the TeleZapper worked, and I was taken off of quite a few lists, but now there are new lists out there that include my name.

    You can’t really control who calls you on the phone any more than you can control which people you pass on the street will say something to you. But just as there are things that you can do to discourage people you pass from saying something to you, there are things you can do to discourage telemarketers from calling you. The TeleZapper can be a part of your arsenal, but don’t expect it to be the best tool you can use. And since the TeleZapper doesn’t start to do anything unless you (or your answering machine) picks up the phone, don’t expect this tool to take the lead, either.

    So the TeleZapper functions. It does have some effect. Is it worth the price? Well, I don’t have any regrets about spending the money, but I wouldn’t do it again. If your state has a no-call list, the fee to be included on that list is probably going to get you a better bang for your buck.

    On the other hand, if you’re not as assertive as I can be with Telemarketers, the TeleZapper saves you from having to speak directly to sone telemarketers, so the price may be worth it to you.

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