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Straight Talk Samsung T528G Prepaid Touchscreen Cell Phone

Straight Talk Samsung T528G Prepaid Touchscreen Cell Phone
Straight Talk Samsung T528G Prepaid Touchscreen Cell Phone

Product Added : January 26th, 2013
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Straight Speak Samsung T528G Prepaid Touchscreen Cell Telephone

Straight Talk Samsung T528G Prepaid Touchscreen Cell Phone

The Straight Speak Samsung T528G Smartphone has a 2MP camera for photo sharing and recording video with 3″ touchscreen. Connect to your world on the go with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. Consists of battery, charger and service guide.

  • three.” Touch Screen
  • 3G/WiFi Connectivity
  • two. Megapixel Camera and Video Recorder
  • Functions on All you Need to have month plan, or Unlimited Plan
  • Consists of Battery, Charger and Services Guide

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Query by Elease: Can you acquire a Straight-Speak cell phone on-line with no obtaining to purchase the prepaid telephone card with it?
I’ve been attempting to purchase a Straight-Talk prepaid cell telephone on the internet from straighttalk.com Without obtaining to acquire the prepaid cell phone airtime card. So far, I can’t figure out how to purchase only the cell phone. Is there anyway I can acquire the phone separately from the prepaid card?

Greatest answer:

Answer by emotionalzombie7997
You can not. Since you have to have a airtime card to activate the telephone, they will not sell you just the telephone. Unlike Tracfone and Net10 when you activate a new cell telephone they give you 2 months and ten minutes to try out the service.

I would attempt going to Wal-Mart.com and acquiring a Straight Speak telephone off of their internet site. They may possibly not demand you to buy a airtime card when you buy the telephone. I have also found that some of the brand new phones on Wal-mart.com are less expensive than on the Straight Speak web site.

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What customers say about Straight Talk Samsung T528G Prepaid Touchscreen Cell Phone?

  1. 71 of 73 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    An excellent phone for the price despite negative reviews, May 18, 2012
    Jamie M. Albert “proletariat” (Chicago, USA) –

    This review is from: Straight Talk Samsung T528G Prepaid Touchscreen Cell Phone (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    This phone has received a considerable amount of negative reviews – compared against similar phones of the same price range, this is an excellent phone. Many of the negative reviewers seem to obviously be expecting the features of a $200 phone from a $80 – $100 Trac phone.
    First off the OS on this system is not an Android, and it is technically not a smart phone but has MANY of the features of a smart phone. The browser is Dolphin, used by many Android based phones, so it is a decent browser, with some things you can do, some things you cannot. The phone supports some apps, others it does not…

    This phone is a 3G pseudo-smart phone (it has many of the qualities of a smart phone but is technically not one because it lacks a few things, all of which I will mention) w/touch screen. The screen flips so it can be viewed horizontally or vertically in any screen/view, and texts can be done via regular virtual phone keys or a horizontal virtual keyboard. It is not loaded with apps, but has practical apps available from samsung… it doesn’t have nearly the available apps of say an iPhone, which, while they are very very cool, especially things like, for instance, meditation breathing apps and apps that allow you to practically run full programs, etc., for the value, the apps available are within reason and, like I said, are predominately very practical ones, and it also has a sizable amount of game downloads as well, which run pretty well on this phones CPU. It includes a decent browser, facebook app (w/facebook sync option), an MP3 player, voice recorder, downloadable games, email sync, etc., and, again, other samsung apps are available for download. It is bluetooth compatible, and has wifi (which works excellently – when I’m at home or somewhere with free wifi I have no problem using it so I don’t use up any of my data plan, which, btw, the 3G data plan on straight talk for $30 is generous – one reviewer had a problem with the wifi but likely was not finding a close enough signal). It also has manageable widgets, and 3 home screens you can slide through, which you can customize each with whatever widgets you want as well as a different wallpaper/pics for each.

    One reviewer complained that it does not have a GPS option – there is a legal “hack” where you can get GPS on it by paying via a separate plan – you would have to do your own research. If GPS is a big thing for you and you’re not a techie, this phone may not be for you. It has very intuitive voice recognition app that has worked great for me, just as good as an iPhone, it is excellent for dialing in the car without actually dialing and then just using the speaker phone, for instance… however it will not type a text for you via voice (it will bring the create text screen up and address it, but won’t type it by your voice, but, again, for 90 bucks it’s awesome that it has the voice recognition features it has). It has a Micro SD card slot that can hold up to a 64 gig card (a very expensive card, however, the 32 gigs you can get for around $15, name brand Sandisk, if you shop around amazon – I have dozens of tv shows, and full length movies, and tons of pics and other docs and MUSIC as the phone can be used as an mp3 player) plus plenty of phone memory. It takes photo and video and for a 4 mega pixel (I think) it is very decent quality. There is no zoom or flash. You can watch video on it (I’ve put movies and TV shows on it using format factory and they play and look and sound perfect). It works great as an MP3 player in the car or through headphones, and although the PC sync is limited (you can’t sync your contacts or back them up via data cable, or some other sync options – however – you can do this through straight talk website), you can sync it to your PC via data cable to read and manage your SD card data. You can also use a data cable to use the MP3 player (or just use the line out/headphone jack), and to charge the phone.

    It has all the expected contact and phone personalization features you would expect from a normal phone, downloadable ringtones as well as the option to make any audio file (from the phone’s audio recorder or MP3s on SD) a personalized or general ringtone, provided it is short enough (I’ve used Audacity to make my own snipets of songs and put them on the SD card) a speakerphone and hands free of course as well as bluetooth as I mentioned. The phone charges INCREDIBLY quickly via the normal wall charger, and the charge lasts for a long time, even when you watch videos and use apps, browser, etc. (another user complained about battery life – I have had the exact opposite experience, and have had the phone for two months).

    A couple things about the browser – for not running Android or iPhone, its pretty decent. However, it only supports Flash on certain levels… regular sites are no problem, but no you tube, and I was a bit dissapointed when I found out it would not support Pandora…

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  2. 24 of 24 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A Solid Phone..not perfect, March 27, 2012
    This review is from: Straight Talk Samsung T528G Prepaid Touchscreen Cell Phone (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    As I write this I’ve had the Samsung T528G for about two weeks, with Straight Talk service.
    Straight Talk has been fine so far. Service has been fine. I just spent the weekend out in the boondocks, and I didn’t have service. My wife had service with her Verizon phone if she stood at the very top of a hill facing a certain direction. Other than that, Straight Talk has worked out great. And that one incident isn’t worth paying $30 extra dollars a month for.
    Phones are not a big source of interest or entertainment for me. I simply want an effective communication device that doesn’t cost too much, and doesn’t cause a lot of frustration. This one fits the bill very well. Call quality is fine.
    One thing I do deeply appreciate it the easy and effective lock mechanism. Every phone I’ve had for the past five years “pocket dials” – even when locked. This phone, however, is a one-button lock, that stays locked until I say so. It’s easy to unlock also, but not accidentally. Thank you!
    I’m in my forties, so touch screens are still kind of a novelty for me. My fingers are about average for a man. Even so, I found overall that the screen was responsive and easy to use.
    The QWERTY keypad (context dependent) is a little small. I’ve only sent about five texts, so in fact, I’m still getting used to it. I’m pretty sure it will be fine once I get used to it. I turned off the “T9″ feature which guesses which word you are trying to type. It’s worthless because you can’t keep adding new letters once it kicks in.
    The other aspects of the touch screen are easy and responsive.
    This is the only part of the phone which I dislike. I view the whole concept as a design flaw. There is a little side bar that will slide out and offer you widgets (like an alarm clock, or a calculator, or weather report). These can all be accessed through the tools menu elsewhere on the phone. The idea is, the widget bar gets you there faster.
    Three issues: first, once you tap the widget on the bar, it doesn’t actually open the widget – it just puts it out onto the main screen. You then have to tap (or double-tap, depending on the widget) to open it. Silly and pointless. In most cases it is the same number of taps to go to menu>tools>[whatever widget you want].
    Second, once you have used your widget, it sits out there on the main screen, cluttering it up. Widgets easily get put on top of one another, making them hard to access, which is exactly opposite of the point.
    Third, I have a lot of trouble getting the widgets to go back onto the widget bar when I’m done with them. The idea is to tap once and drag the widget back onto the bar. You shouldn’t have to do this in the first place. But, you do, and it is very hard to convince the phone that you don’t simply want to reposition the widget icon to the left side of the screen. You have to find just the right sweet spot to get it go back to the bar.
    So, I hate the widget function. There, it’s out of my system.
    The music player is a decent, functional tool, with the ability to transfer playlists even from my non-standard media library (Media Jukebox). You’ll definitely want to get a decent sized micro sd to keep the music on. I created my own ringtone for my wife with few problems.
    The wi-fi function is nice – when available, you can browse the internet from a wifi connection and not use up any network bandwith. In other words, you can get `free’ internet when wi-fi is available.
    I often use alarms, countdown timers and calculators. This phone has all three, and they all work just fine
    I haven’t used the camcorder. The camera is 2MP, which isn’t that great these days. It’s OK in a pinch (like when I’m fishing) but if I expect to take pictures, I’m carrying my 12 MP zoom camera.
    I’m too old to get used to these tiny screens. I don’t even like browsing the web on my 7″ Nook Color – so I didn’t care for these functions on this phone, simply because of size.
    As I said, I don’t look at phones as a source of entertainment. I don’t think this phone would be a good one in any case. There are “apps” available from Samsung. The following sentence will tell you all you need to know about them: There are 22 apps – total. If you want anything that doesn’t come standard with the phone, this is not the unit for you.

    Overall, a good little phone if you want a basic phone with a few of the “standard” extras.

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  3. 31 of 33 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Samsung t528g nice phone, December 3, 2011
    Devon Wilson (Little river, South carolina) –
    This review is from: Straight Talk Samsung T528G Prepaid Touchscreen Cell Phone (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I just purchased this phone from walmart and i must say, that im surprised at how well it functions..Before i added a plan to it, i tried the wi-fi out and it worked fantastically..The youtube only works if your wi-fi connection is good and the quality of the videos might not be up to par with the other touch screens, it’s still decent..Im not a fan of the apps, but the ones that are available for the phone are limited if you go on the phone site, but there are other sites that you can go to in order to get more..I heard alot of ugly reveiws about the phone freezing and rebooting itself..As long as i had it, it hasn’t froze once…Im thinking i got one of there tweeked phones. They probably got all of the bugs out of mine..But, on the safe side, it might be better to just purchase it from the walmart stores..That way if you don’t like it, you can return it for a refund..Overall, I think this phone is really sturdy with good features and The calls are clear. The txt messages are something you have to get use to, but thats y they have styluses…Good priced phone and it is a whole lot better than my old flip phone..Any questions..Just holler

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  4. How can you transfer photos from the cell phone to a laptop? Someone must now, please.

  5. Hi Emperorkahless1. My name is Sara and, I work with Straight Talk. I read your post on this video about your concern. I am sorry to hear that you have problems with your phone. I can troubleshoot it for you to get this resolved. Please email us with your phone and serial number at TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfone.com.

  6. I have had two of these phones and they both are pieces of crap, the phone will cut off by itself and reboot, the caller id quits working and only shows no id if you miss a call and click to view

  7. Phone works fine. This is a CDMA phone and will run on Verizon’s network. If Verizon has good coverage in your area you should be okay. I haven’t received any calls getting dropped during a conversation, but I have had with making the connected in low signal areas, but that’s pretty much as expected.

  8. Hello, can you please tell me if ST is a good cell phone Co as I am thing of buying one…
    Do you get droop calls??? Please do let me know! Thank you ;-)

  9. Nice review, but Lord have mercy, please LOSE that annoying background music !!!

  10. Ohh well Ive looked all over it and on the prepaid part on the phone there is display time info and shows the how many day service left on it. You can take them off but I kinda wanted the HOME thing off

  11. just go 2 settings or something like that and other stuff,idk,havent had that phone in a while

  12. How

  13. ya u can

  14. That’s what I kinda figured. But thanks

  15. Don’t think so.

  16. I wanna know if you can take the word HOME on the backscreen off

  17. Thumbs up if you caught yourself dancing to the music -_-

  18. barking dog

  19. No, it’s a CDMA phone.

  20. does this phone freeze alot?

  21. I heard there was a small hack you could do to enable file sharing through BlueTooth but it’s locked until you hack that feature.

  22. Well all the phones I’ve had so far were Tracfone, my newest is a Net10. I previously had an LG 400g that was able to transfer pictures, polyphonic ringtones, and .jar apps through BT. (It didn’t take video or support mp3/tones). The Samsung can transfer pictures, videos, and music (mp3 and tones). It will transfer the .jar apps but won’t run them like the old one for some reason…

    I think Tracfone/Net10 are lightening up on the connectivity (the web supports so much more now also)

  23. I hear there’s a really convoluted way to transfer them over Bluetooth. Not being able to transfer with a quick and easy USB cable or memory card is unnacceptable with camera phones these days. That and the horror stories I’ve heard about Tracfone/Net10/Straight Talk customer service keep me away.

  24. No. CDMA phone.

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