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Firefly Cellphone for Kids

Firefly Cellphone for Kids
Firefly Cellphone for Kids

Product Added : June 12th, 2013
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Firefly Cellphone for Children

Firefly Cellphone for Kids

Preserve your children just a call away with this mobile telephone created especially for kids. The telephone, small sufficient to match in a child’s hand, has a kid-friendly 5-button keypad with Mom, Dad and 911 help speed dial keys. Phone comes with a PIN-protected phone book that shops up to 20 numbers and has an option to reject incoming calls not in the book. Contains 12 ring tones, five animations and 7 LCD screen backlight colors to select from. Imported.

  • Show Attributes: LCD Show, 7 Screen Back Light Colors
  • Safety: Parental Controls, 5 Parent-Programmable Keys Retailer 20 Numbers, PIN-Protected Phonebook
  • Talk Up to 360-min. Before Recharging
  • Extra Features: Wonderful Very first Phone for Children

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Video Rating: 3 / five

Question by T78: Are the Firefly kids cell phones any excellent?
I thinking about acquiring my son a cell telephone and my pal told me about the Firefly cell phones and that these are a great for a youngsters very first cell phone.
He just turned eight years old this past Might.

Greatest answer:

Answer by Monica C
NO! they SUCK! horrible dont get them. depending on his age. if he’s about 7-9 then maybe get him a firefly. if he’s about ten-11 get him a one thing easy to hold track of. if hes12-13 get him a flip phone!
14+he can deal with something so get him like a sidekick or chocolate phone or one thing cool!

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What customers say about Firefly Cellphone for Kids?

  1. 57 of 61 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    good concept, poor terms & conditions, December 12, 2006
    This review is from: Firefly Cellphone for Kids (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    This phone designed for the tween set is good in theory, but the company’s terms & conditions, which are not clearly spelled out anywhere obvious, get you to keep dumping money into it, even if you’re not using the minutes. I had activated my phone over the summer, but never used it. When I went to give it to my daughter to take somewhere, I was puzzled when I tested it and was told that was not a valid phone number. Apparently, once the minutes are activated, you have 90 days to either use them or buy more, after which the minutes expire. To reactiviate, you have to purchase a new SIMS card at $25! This was supposed to be mostly for emergency use, I certainly don’t need more minutes every 90 days. I plan to wait until my kids are older and will see more use out of it.

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  2. 16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great for elderly, February 9, 2008
    V. McEwen (Houston, TX) –

    This review is from: Firefly Cellphone for Kids (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Got this phone for 90-yr grandmother who has forgotten how to use a regular cell phone. I have programmed numbers into it (took a while since there aren’t any number keys), and used it for several days with my own sim card just to see how it works. The ringer volume can really be cranked up. Ringer songs sound like kiddie songs—the upside is that they sound pleasant. Overall call sound is great for this little phone. During one conversation both myself and the person I was talking with heard a slight echo, but it was only one time. I stopped using it after a few days because I was missing my own phone with its convenient bluetooth headset. (Also, I charged it the first day, and then didn’t charge it for 4 days. I kept it on all the time and used it as my phone. It was down to one battery ‘bar’ on the 4th day.)

    **The best part about this phone is that I got an unlocked version and it works perfectly with my TMobile family plan. I wasn’t crazy about paying for the special/limited service offered by other companies. The Firefly phone uses GSM service, so any company that can use those phones will work. TMobile is one of those.

    The phone size is tiny. TINY. The up-side is that I got a lanyard for the phone and my grandmother can wear it around her neck. With her declining health and increasingly limited mobility, we were getting concerned about her ability to get to her ‘land line’ phone or the pull-cords that are strategically placed in the bathroom & bedroom (what if she’s not near them when she falls/has an emergency situation). And having to cross even the living room to make/answer a call is an ordeal. Now having this little phone around her neck will be more convenient and give us & her peace of mind.

    There is a silly ‘light show’ button between the volume buttons. I thought it would just confuse her if she hit it. After removing the phone’s casing, the button was really easy to cut off–problem solved. Also, the case has lots of ‘free space’ that I will be decorating with little labels to help her remember what the keys are for.

    I was worried about the possibility of her accidentally calling 9-1-1. You have to hold the emergency button (which doesn’t stick out as much as the volume keys—it’s almost flush with the sides), then push the ‘send’ button for the 9-1-1 call to ever be completed.

    I wasn’t crazy about the ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ keys (poor planning on Firefly’s part), and they were easy to rename in the menu, as well as having plenty of room below the keys to affix labels.

    My only complaint is that the screen is too small. It does light up (as do the keys–very bright too), but it could be larger. I got a small credit-card sized magnifying plastic card that is now also hanging from the lanyard. Hopefully she’ll use it as needed with the screen and any other uses she might have…

    Now that I have programmed, disfigured, and completely covered this phone in labels, I am sending it to her this week. I will update my review after I see how she does with it.

    Hope this helps others who have an elderly friend/family member. There really aren’t many options out there for that population. ;)

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  3. once i had a firefly phone now i have an lg840 touchscreen

  4. i’m laughing at the kids who want this phone still my first phone was a t mobile wild fire s and i was 8

  5. I have a iPhone 4S so I’m good


  7. FT

  8. LOL I agree

  9. this is the only phone that the iphone is better than

  10. i recommend this phone for like babies i have the samsung soltice its really cool this one is not even close the firefly sucks

  11. i’d rather have the Gravity T

  12. Im 11 Years Old I Get im still A Young Lad Still But i still want it! Lmao

  13. Figures that most of the features on this phone sucks

  14. Everyone in my grade 5 class had that phone , even the teacher had one -_- .

  15. Aw When i was younger i wanted this. aha now i have a iphone 4.

  16. When I was younger I used to BEG and NAG my parents for a Firefly. Right now I have a LG enV3. I never got the Firefly though.

  17. really? id recommend this phone for ages 5-7

  18. I’m laughing that people that are over the age of 9 actually want this ‘phone’.

  19. that fucking sucks

  20. r u kidding me ppl want this fone

  21. same here but i have a slate the fire fly is gay

  22. i would recommend this phone to people of the age 4-7

  23. yes they are good and simple , and easy to use
    pefect for a little kid ,
    for ages 5 – 10
    no more

  24. Yes, as their first cell phone. It’s very simple (only 5 keys) and your son can only call Mom, Dad, or emergency so you know he isn’t calling anyone else. The keys are pictures so they don’t have to read or anything to contact you.

    Kids have trouble remembering numbers with all the keys and functions on other cells today. firefly is a good inexpensive way to for you to keep in touch with your son without paying a huge cell phone bill ( Firefly is no contract and you can cancel anytime).

    The only disadvantage is that he will probably hate it when he turns 11-13 and will want a better cell phone.

    Here’s some info: http://www.fireflymobile.com/

  25. They suck, they have no # buttons, you cant buy ringtones you use crappy ones, it brakes easily.

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